We care about the materials we use.

⁠When I started on this journey, I had to do a lot of research into which products to use and which companies best suited what wanted to achieve.⁠

In the end, I chose KeraSoy Wax for our Wax Melts and Candles⁠.⁠

KeraSoy wax is a biodegradable and vegan-friendly wax, no animal products are used and no animal testing has been carried out in its manufacture⁠.⁠

We have achieved great scent throw and we have not had any complaints regarding our choice of wax, so far.⁠

If you want to find out just how great this wax is in our products.⁠

Check out the Alexandrite Aromas store and get melting today!⁠

Photo Credit: © Shana Rochelle Photography

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