The Candle Subscription Refill

Today's the day! We have been wanting to release this product for such a long time, but it was never the right time or not the right jar. The time we felt had to be right, and now that time has arrived.

The Candle and Refill Subscription has been in the making for over a year, as we had been looking for ways to make the company more eco-friendly, and recyclable, as well as bringing value to our customers, and this is us starting to make those steps.

The idea behind, having a product that was refillable, is that customers can re-use their candle glass instead of throwing them away, after one use, once they have finished burning their candle.

Let's think about this for a minute, a product that is recyclable and makes any room smell nice. Sounds like a win, win to us, but as a customer, you might be asking yourself how does this work and how does this help me?

Imagine, buying a candle and it is nearly finished, and your first instinct is to get rid of the glass, light another candle that you may have in your home or office, or even buy another one from your favourite store, or brand, and then start the process again. But what if you didn't have to throw the glass, but you could just remove the remaining wax, clean your jar and then pop a new candle in, light it and then sit back and enjoy your new candle, how nice what that be.

And that is where The Candle Subscription Refill can help you, you can have candle refills delivered to your door, each month at a reasonable cost, with the opportunity to try new fragrances, without having to through away your glass. More information can be found by Clicking Here.

So there you have it a monthly subscription, that will allow you to have, a new glass for the first month and a new candle refill each month to fragrance your home.

Video Credit: © Shana Rochelle Photography

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