My Candle Making Journey

During that last six months of 2019, I started thinking of ways to enhance my mobile beauty business (Alexandrite Beauty) - specifically treatments for my clients. I decided that scent was the best way forward and from that Alexandrite Aromas was born.

On the 1st January 2020, ordered my first wax melt kit... I remember sitting at home impatiently waiting for my kit to arrive, but sod’s law the kit arrived late, and I started to think maybe this wasn’t meant to be.

Whilst waiting for my kit to arrive, I spent the next few days, thinking that my plan to start making candles just was not for me, that this was a sign, to just walk away, and continue with mobile beauty and teacher.

Yep I offer training courses as well, but I will come back to that another day.

And then the kit arrived "hooray!" I unpacked the box, got excited seeing all the products in the box, smelling the diffrent fragrances - some not smelling the best - but hey it’s a kit right.

Making wax melts was fairly easy, but what the kit didn't do was tell me about all the other things I would need, like something to melt the wax in, something to stir the wax with while it’s melting, somewhere to place and store your wax and the melts before during and after, and so much more.

But none the less, I did it.

So got my equipment together and started the pr