My Candle Making Journey

During that last six months of 2019, I started thinking of ways to enhance my mobile beauty business (Alexandrite Beauty) - specifically treatments for my clients. I decided that scent was the best way forward and from that Alexandrite Aromas was born.

On the 1st January 2020, ordered my first wax melt kit... I remember sitting at home impatiently waiting for my kit to arrive, but sod’s law the kit arrived late, and I started to think maybe this wasn’t meant to be.

Whilst waiting for my kit to arrive, I spent the next few days, thinking that my plan to start making candles just was not for me, that this was a sign, to just walk away, and continue with mobile beauty and teacher.

Yep I offer training courses as well, but I will come back to that another day.

And then the kit arrived "hooray!" I unpacked the box, got excited seeing all the products in the box, smelling the diffrent fragrances - some not smelling the best - but hey it’s a kit right.

Making wax melts was fairly easy, but what the kit didn't do was tell me about all the other things I would need, like something to melt the wax in, something to stir the wax with while it’s melting, somewhere to place and store your wax and the melts before during and after, and so much more.

But none the less, I did it.

So got my equipment together and started the process, while following the kit's instructions, on how to make my first Wax Melts.

I melted the wax, checked the temperature, add the fragrance, made sure I stirred it for the correct time, using the correct measurements, poured into the mould, left it to set and then voila, wax melts.

Now let's just say, even though what I have mentioned above sounds easy, it isn't especially if you want to make a living from it. If it's just a hobby then great, do what you like, but making a living from candle making is something different.

The scents that came with the kit, were not what I would call the best smelling but they were passable and they would not become part of my future collections or scents (and actually I whilst writing this blog received a phone call from one of my testers, to say one of the original scents in the kit was horrible and they didn't like it, which was fine, all feedback is good feedback).

Things I had to consider whilst being on this venture:

  1. Where to source products and tools from: There are many companies in the UK that sell candles and wax making kits, what you need to do is decide which company is best for you. That means buying a kit, test it, see if the kit does what you want it to do, that includes Fragrance oils, cost of glasses, cost of wax, delivery time and the list goes on.

  2. What kind of image do you want for your new candles: So you need to think about, are you a luxury brand, or a high street brand, middle of the road.

  3. Who are your customers: This is very important. You need to know who your customer's are.

Take time in figuring out who you are selling to and what you want to achieve, and most importantly don't rush it either. Take your time to get things right and the way you want it and then release it.

Also, make sure that you have people who are reliable, that will give you constructive feedback on every aspect of your Candle Making Business. I currently have around 10 - 12 people testing my Wax Melts and Candles, a very wide mixture of people, some who love candles and others that have never really been into candles, including Men.

Their feedback can make or break a simple thing like the smell of a candle, or wax melt as everyone has a different sense of smell, and whether we want to admit it or not smell evokes memories of happy times, friends and family. Just like music does, so imagine playing your favourite song, from say a recent holiday and then burning a wax melt or a candle, that reminds you of that holiday. You will be sent to a place of relaxation, smiles and great memories. Hence the power of smell and music, which can promote relaxation, less stress, and so much more.

I had a client at home, which was very rare, and I put on a wax melt I had made, and let it fill the room about 20 minutes prior to the client arriving. The client smelt the wax melt and asked to make an order there and then, and I hadn't even released anything to the public it was just in the testing phase. The client proceeded to explain how the wax made them feel, and how the music being played made them feel so relaxed and stress-free.

But I slightly stray from what I was saying, if you are starting a new venture, business, whatever it is, my advice would be, do your research, make sure it is possible for you to do, mentally and financially, and then go for it. If you can have at least one person who believes in what you are doing to help you, that's even better

Keep an eye out for more about my candle making journey.

Photo credit: © Shana Rochelle Photography

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