Introducing the Cloche Candle Jar

Introducing the Cloche Candle Jar - Exclusive to The Botanical Range.⁠

For those of you who don't know The Botanical Range blends together natural scents and herbs that compliment my background of blending essential oils to relax my clients. The floral, woody, and herbal scents associated with Aromatherapy, can be found in the eight scents which make up the Botanical Range.⁠

Back in September, we launched this collection, and yesterday we pressed published the long-awaited Candles. ⁠

The Botanical Range Candles are available in: ⁠

- Black Pomegranate⁠

- Lavender and Chamomile ⁠

- Lychee and Peony⁠

- Nectarine and Lemon Blossom⁠

- Rhubarb and Rose⁠